UT medical students excited to be "matched"

UT medical students excited to be "matched"

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - University of Toledo medical students opened some very important envelopes Friday, revealing their future residency.

But just how many of those students will remain in town?

"I'm so excited, this was my first choice. It's just such a relief and so amazing," said Allison Kanawal.

Thousands of graduating medical students at UT learned where they will spend their next three to seven years of training Friday.

For many, like Hillary Lieber, obtaining a position at her first choice, Baylor University in Houston, Texas, it was a dream come true.

"I applied all over the country and really had no idea what today was going to bring or where I was going to end up. But this is a fantastic place to train and I'm so excited," said Lieber.

The National Resident Matching Program "matches" students and residencies together though a computer program, after the students and medical centers have ranked their top choices.

"I'm going to Nationwide Children's, it's a number one choice. It's been more than 10 years that I've been home." said Zubin Shah.

While home for Zubin Shah is Columbus, the University says there are 32 percent of students matching in Ohio, 7 percent in Northwest Ohio and 5 percent matching at UTMC.

Dr. Chris Cooper, Cardiologist and Dean of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences at UT says the retention of med school students and residents is improving.

"In our residency programs here for the University, we have more American medical graduates, more of our own folks staying here in Toledo. I think the affiliation with ProMedica is helping us out a lot in that. I'm delighted for our community," said Cooper.

Kevin Nguyen, originally from California, is one of those students who matched at UT.

"The past four years I spent in Toledo, it's just grown on me, so I'm really excited to stay in Toledo. School here is great, I learned a lot here, and I'm definitely excited just to start my residency," said Nguyen.

No matter where the students and future residents end up, 'Match Day' will be a memory that they'll have forever.

"I guess that's the beauty of the match, you don't know what this envelope's holding until you open it," said Dalun Tang.

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