ODOT set to begin new anti-drunk driving campaign

ODOT set to begin new anti-drunk driving campaign

(WTOL) - The Ohio Department of Transportation says driver deaths on Ohio roads are down 16 percent from this time last year, but, drunk driving related deaths are up at 35 total deaths, which is why ODOT is rolling out a new safety campaign.

Starting this weekend, area drivers will see a new message displayed on the mobile messaging boards placed along construction zones on I-75 and I-475.

There are eight ODOT message boards placed along Northwest Ohio Interstates will now be flashing this message, "Buzzed driving IS drunk driving."

These boards were purchased during the planning process of the I-75 expansion.

It's an effort that ODOT District 2 Deputy Director Todd Audet says is to keep the scenery constantly changing to help keep drivers more aware while on the road.

"And we knew that when you have this much under construction, anytime there is an incident on the road, it is amplified. And we want to get people moving again after an incident. So, we want to keep the message out there, we work real close with Public Safety. In fact, they've helped us come up with some of these messages," said Audet.

The messages are changed regularly to inform drivers of road conditions.

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