Homicide suspect found dead in rural cemetery Tuesday

PAULDING COUNTY, OH (WTOL/CNN) - The Paulding County Sheriff's Office says the body found in a rural cemetery earlier this week is that of a homicide suspect.

Frank Tracy, 47, has been missing since the Feb. death of 21-year-old Hannah Fischer.

On Tuesday, his body was found in a cemetery in Rochester with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Paulding County Sheriff Terry Landers says Tracy's body had been in a secluded part of the cemetery for quite a while and there was evidence of decomposition.

The Sheriff also says it's clear the cemetery was not the crime scene.

He says investigators are now questioning whether or not Tracy was involved in the death of Fischer.

Sheriff Landers says he wants the public to know his officers will figure out who is responsible for the murders.

"I just ask the public to believe in us. We're doing the right thing, following the leads we get, and in time we will be able to hold these people accountable," said Landers. "I believe that."

Fischer graduated from Montpelier High School. Community members say she was a nice girl and they can't believe what happened.

Carol Swiatkowski says she was shocked to hear about the death of someone in her town.

"I just pray that things get better, as far as people and their actions and their reactions," said Swiatkowski. "It's pretty sad."

Anyone with information is invited to contact law enforcement. Click here to contact the Paulding County Sheriff's Office.

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