Toledo's proposed trash fee increase yet to take effect

Toledo's proposed trash fee increase yet to take effect

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo's proposed 2016 budget has the refuse collection fee bumping from $8.95 cents to $15 for regular customers, and $5 to $8 for homestead customers.

It's something that was factored into the budget to take effect in January, but there's a reason why Toledoans haven't seen a change on their bills.

Councilwoman Sandy Spang says city council has yet to vote on whether they'd like to charge citizens more for refuse collection because the Mayor's office hasn't asked.

We haven't seen an actual request from the administration, an actual ordinance, from the administration," said Spang.

With just two weeks until city council needs to pass the budget - where does that leave the trash fee numbers?

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson says the increase was proposed to help cover the cost of operations at the landfill.

"It's really a fee that is charged for us having to dump at our, even though it's ours, but at the landfill," said Hicks-Hudson.

Since the 2016 budget was originally proposed, Mayor Hicks-Hudson says she can't say at this time what the numbers will be.

"They, meaning finance and everyone, they are crunch, crunching numbers and everything like that," said Hicks-Hudson.

Considered in the "crunching" will have to be the anticipated revenue from the increased refuse collection. It's March, and since the increase didn't go into effect in January like written into the budget, the city doesn't have that money.

"That's one of the factors that we're going to look at to see, you know, how do we make it up or if some other things that we can do to make the budget balanced," said Hicks-Hudson. "And that's the main charge overall, to have a balanced budget."

Members of city council will meet March 24 to discuss the budget. With the March 31 deadline approaching, their goal is to try and pass the budget by March 29.

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