Don't Drink and Drive: The consequences of that last shot

Don't Drink and Drive: The consequences of that last shot

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - While police want you to have fun this St. Patty's Day, they also want you to drink responsibly.

And when you choose to drink and drive, the consequences can destroy your chances of a fun night out for a very long time.

One of Toledo's leading DUI attorneys, Stevin Groth, says he expects to have a couple new clients Friday, with all the St. Patrick's Day festivities across town.

Groth says the stories you may have heard about of how to get out of a breathalyzer and DUI aren't true. He says the tales of a penny under your tongue, chewing gum or using mouth wash, just don't work.

Lt. Jeff Sulewski with the Toledo Police Department says there are really only two options to avoid getting pulled over.

"If you are having one beer and something to eat, you will probably be fine. You have to know your body and know how you feel. But if you are going out partying don't drive," said Lt. Sulewski.

It seems simple, but if you get behind the wheel and get pulled over, even refusing the breathalyzer is an option you don't want. Groth says you will face double penalties automatically, could get an ignition lock on your car or yellow plates, be forced to pay thousands in fines, court costs and attorney fees, not to mention losing your license for one year.

"I don't care... Uber is 50 dollars compared to several thousands. And in a few months when you want to go to your son's soccer game or daughters dance recital and can't drive yourself, wow, what a trade-off, that wasn't worth it for that last shot," Groth said.

Police say they will be out looking for you if you decide to drink and drive.

Lucas County Sheriff's Deputies are setting up checkpoints and TPD will have extra officers on the roads thanks to gr ant money.

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