After Ohio win, what's next for Kasich?

After Ohio win, what's next for Kasich?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With a victory in his home state of Ohio, Governor John Kasich clinched the win that he said he would.

Whether or not he could get the nomination at the convention in July has yet to be seen, but some political experts say it could be virtually impossible for him to win.

University of Toledo Political Science Chair Sam Nelson noted that topping off a neck-and-neck tie with Donald Trump in Ohio was accomplished by putting all of his resources into the Buckeye State, making it hard for Trump to overcome a home field advantage.

But what are the next steps for Kasich's campaign?

In order for Trump to win the Republican nomination, for example, sources estimate that he would need about 55 percent of the outstanding delegates going into the convention. Kasich, on the other hand, would need to get more than 90 percent.

"That's what the math looks like, and that's a really tall order. I don't see how he could actually get 90 percent of the remaining delegates unless Trump flew to the Cayman Islands or something and just gave up. That wouldn't happen. He's picking up some delegates, he's in third place in delegates, and those are people who can support him at the convention. They can advance some of his interests at the convention. He's going to pick up some more delegates in future states; he might pick a couple of key states where he can focus his energy, maybe see if he can win a couple more, make his candidacy look a little bit stronger. But really, he doesn't have a lot of great options other than playing a waiting game and hoping for things to break his way at the convention," said Nelson.

Although winning all of those delegates may not be feasible, Kasich and the other Republican presidential candidates will look to states like Arizona and Utah, which hold their primaries next week.

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