Records to stay on roof of Culture Clash in west Toledo

Records to stay on roof of Culture Clash in west Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After a few months of debate, the records on the roof of Culture Clash Records in west Toledo will stay, with one exception - they must be switched out.

Back in January, the City of Toledo issued Culture Clash Records a nuisance violation, stating that the records could injure those walking by.

But the owner Pat O'Conner disagreed. He says the store is famous for the records on the roof.

"I'm really excited that people like them and thought it was a neat thing. And I think it is unique to Toledo, it gives it some character," said O'Connor. "Sometimes during a big windstorm one will blow off just like a shingle blows off in a big windstorm."

Luckily, after months of back and forth, both sides sat down and an agreement was reached. The records will stay, they will just need to be replaced.

"I think we came to a pretty nice compromise," said O'Connor. "They are not opposed to the records and I am not opposed to changing them out because it is an ever changing art project. So I think we will be able to work this out."

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