Trump supporters come out in droves to Cleveland rally

Trump supporters come out in droves to Cleveland rally
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CLEVELAND (WTOL) - A day after protests forced Donald Trump to cancel an appearance in Chicago, thousands of people showed up at a rally in Cleveland to show their support for the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump repeated a familiar line to those gathered at the event, "My people want to do one thing: make America great again."

It's that promise that has Ohioans coming out in drovers to support the billionaire front-runner.

Drew Stronczer, formerly from Perrysburg says he's drawn to Trump because he's not part of the Washington establishment.

"I hope we can get him in office so he can continue his plan," said Mr. Stronczer.

In just three days Ohioans will head to the polls for a winner-take-all primary, potentially putting Trump one step closer to that office.

"There's a lot of excitement going on for people like Trump and Bernie Sanders and I think it's interesting to see how they perform. This is kind of a revolutionary election that we're experiencing," said Jay Thomas.

Mr. Trump took aim at Ohio Governor Kasich ahead of next week's primary.

But John Kasich is still a strong contender in the Buckeye state.

"Kasich cannot be president. He's weak on immigration he wants people to come in. He's in favor of amnesty. He can't be president," said Mr. Trump.

Trump also had a message for the protesters causing controversy at his rallies.

"Get 'em outta here... Troublemakers... Those are Bernie's people," said Trump.

Today's rally in Cleveland only had mild disruptions

But Trump supporters say they'll make their voices heard this Tuesday at the polls

Ohio has 66 delegates up for grabs in the Republican primary.

Polls suggest it's going to be a tight race.

The latest Public Policy Polling numbers show Trump is leading Kasich by just three points.

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