A.J. Nye Does Television Interview

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Many of you have been following A.J. Nye's story. He's the 10-year-old Toledo boy who recently received a life-saving liver and bowel transplant.  Tuesday, A.J.'s family got word that he can come home on Saturday.

Earlier today, our affilliate station in Omaha talked with Allison Irons and A.J. about the great news, and what they plan to do once they get home.  Here's part of the interview:

"We've been planning a feast for three years because he hasn't been able to eat for the past three years. And we're going to have all his favorites there.. Pancakes, and cheeseburgers and Hot Pockets and tuna casserole and mashed potatoes and spiral mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pizza, you name it, Doritos, Cheetos," said Allison Irons.

"I want to see all my friends at school and stuff and my dad and my brother and stuff," said A.J.

"He is just wowing the doctors and everybody that knows him, and we are just so proud of him."

When asked about the people at the Lied Transplant Center at the University of Nebraska, both A.J. and his mother had good things to say.  "Once in a while, we shoot them with silly string," said A.J.  "When I was recovering i couldn't squeeze the bottle good, it was kinda funny, I was like, 'Duhhhhhhh!!!'"

When asked what pleasant things he'd remember for being here, A.J. said, "Eating for the first time, in a long time, yeah in a long time."

"He's just living proof that organ donation works it is a blessed, blessed, thing," said Allison.  She and A.J. planned to stay in Omaha for at least six months, so it's remarkable that they're coming home just three months after the transplant.

They do have to return to Omaha this summer for another routine surgery.

Posted by AEB