UT burn victim has long road to recovery ahead

UT burn victim has long road to recovery ahead
Janelle Noe (Source: GoFundMe)
Janelle Noe (Source: Michael Scott via GoFundMe)
Janelle Noe (Source: Michael Scott via GoFundMe)

(WTOL) - Janelle Noe has a long road ahead for recovery after she was severely burned at a party in January.

"Burns are very life altering. I mean, they cause not only the physical injuries, but psychological as well. Patients can spend months in our burn unit and away from the outside world," said Teresa Harding, RN at Mercy St. Vincent's.

Harding says that burn victims are quickly assessed to see what kind of treatment they require. This can include removal of burned or dead areas and grafting. Victims may also require daily dressing changes, a painful process according to Harding.

Northview High School released a statement after Noe's accident, saying she's displayed significant mental toughness, and they expect her recovery to be no different.

Noe went to Northview High School in Sylvania before attending the University of Toledo. Noe is a junior at UT and a cross country team member.

"We have our occupational physical therapists that provide support, a familiar face, they see them every day, they work with them with therapy, but they also become very close with these patients," said Harding.

The St. Vincent's staff says they have a team of people in their burn unit working together to make it a little easier because the recovery process takes support and strength.

"We have a great pastoral care, as well as spiritual care, and we consult them. They will visit with patients and their families to provide additional support," said Harding.

Anyone who wishes to donate to Noe's medical expenses can donate to either the University of Toledo or GoFundMe.

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