Trial date for Ray Abou Arab could be set at next pretrial hearing

Trial date for Ray Abou Arab could be set at next pretrial hearing

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - More than two years have passed since two firefighters were killed in a fire at a north Toledo apartment complex.

On Tuesday, the man accused of setting that fire, Ray Abou Arab, was in court once again.

WTOL 11 has been at nearly ever pretrial hearing for Ray Abou Arab. Dozens of court dates have been set over the past of two years, but Tuesday was the first time a trial date was discussed.

Ray Abou Arab had his first court hearing here at Lucas County Common Pleas on February 11, 2014. Since then dozens of motions have been filed, witnesses called and evidence discussed, all preparing both sides for what is sure to be a long and intense trial.

The reason it is taking longer to schedule this trial is because it is a death penalty case. The Honorable Stacy Cook needs to make sure everything is done right.

But even with that being said, she wants this to move along. And Tuesday Judge Cook voiced her concern about not having a trial date not set yet.

"I have some concern as to where we are with a trial date. We are two years out with no trial date set. At this point do you see any other barriers after the decision on this motion that is going to derail a setting of a date?" asked Judge Cook.

Both the prosecution and defense agreed that they have little left to do before the trial. Therefore a date could potentially be set at the next pretrial hearing at the end of April.

Judge Cook threw out the idea of the trail taking place in the Fall. Both the prosecution and defense agreed they could be ready by then.

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