'Team Recovery' visits schools to promote anti-heroin epidemic

'Team Recovery' visits schools to promote anti-heroin epidemic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - As part of the fight against the heroin epidemic, 'Team Recovery' is visiting schools to give a presentation on the problem. Today they visited Bowsher High School in South Toledo.

The goal is to visit all the schools in the area, to spread the message about the dangers of Heroin, which hits home for the founder of the program.

"I empathize for these kids, because they're starting so young today, and I don't want to see kids go through the same things that I went through," said Matt Bell, founder of Team Recovery.

Using his own experiences with heroin and drug and alcohol addiction to spread a message to area kids, he says it's a serious problem and that awareness is key.

"I don't know if I would have listened to it when I was in high school, because I was invincible too, and I didn't want to hear anything that anybody was trying to tell me, because I thought I knew anything, but again, if one of these kids here the message, and doesn't pick up a pill, which is essentially the same thing as heroin, and doesn't have to die, then we did our job," said Bell.

That's one of the main messages that Team Recovery wants to send. Often times, the heroin addiction starts with something else like alcohol, marijuana, or pain pills.

"It started with alcohol and weed, typically, that's where it starts. And they say that the gateway thing is something that's prevalent, I always thought that was corny when I was in high school, but it really is true," said Bell.

Team Recovery is out to raise awareness to everyone they can and help to decrease the problem.

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