Call 11 For Action: Perrysburg couple receives wedding photos after 8-month delay

Call 11 For Action: Perrysburg couple receives wedding photos after 8-month delay
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)
(Source: The Hill Family)

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Who can forget their wedding day, especially when you have beautiful photos? A Wood County couple says their memories were not picture perfect and they turned to Call 11 For Action for help.

It's not unusual to wait for wedding pictures because photographers get busy. But when this delay went on for eight months, the CFA team just couldn't stand for it.

Terri and Jim Hill got married last June at a place known for its history, Fort Meigs, knowing it would be the perfect backd rop for their wedding vows. They paid $375.00 to Tina Marie Photography of Monroe, to do the job.

"She took all kinds of pictures. She was back when I was getting dressed. She took pictures during the ceremony," said Terri. "The sun came out,
it was really beautiful. So we were very lucky as far as the weather went."

But their luck ran out. Days went by, then weeks, then months, but still no pictures. The Hills provided CFA emails that they sent to Tina Rigley of Tina Marie Photography.

One from July 6 said, "Hey Tina we're trying to get a hold of you to see about our wedding pictures. Please call me..."

Then on July 19, "...we have been trying to get a hold of you about our pictures...."

Making matters worse, something started popping up on the Facebook page for Tina Marie Photography. She was using some of Terri and Jim's wedding photos to promote her business, but they hadn't even seen them yet.

"Oh it felt really discouraging, I mean, it felt lousy. It felt disgusting, exactly," said Terri.

Jim Hill said it's not about the money they spent, but instead the memories they're missing.

"There are some vivid images there at the park with my grand kids in the tree and us standing in front of the tree, the willow tree. Things like that that mean a lot, that you can remember the picture or portrait of it. But it's taken from you," said Jim.

"Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to ruin people's lives like this?" said Terri.

They even opened a case with the Better Business Bureau of Toledo, but still nothing happened.

Then, in November, Terri and Jim turned to Call 11 For Action, who also had trouble reaching Tina Rigley by phone. The Call 11 For Action team then went to the Monroe address listed for her business. After several knocks and doorbell rings, CFA went another route. Instead a letter addressed to Tina Marie Photography explained that CFA was on the case, hoping she would get the message and deliver the photos she was paid for. The letter was left in her door.

Nine days later, the Hills received a CD with their pictures in the mail.

"She came down and was all excited. And had the tears going and the smiling and what have you," Jim said.

"I was just in shock! I was just like 'oh my gosh are those our wedding pictures?' And I just started crying and just jumping up and down!" Terri said.

As the Hills looked at their pictures for the first time, the memories of that special day, the vows and the grand kids, came back. There were photos of them embracing after the vows, various family members, the wedding party, and more pictures of the grand kids.

When asked if he suggested other people try Call 11 For Action, Jim Hill said, "Absolutely. It definitely worked for us. As you can see, we have our pictures now and we're very grateful."

Terri echoed those feelings.

"So I am really blessed and thank you so much for coming through! I really enjoyed it," Terri said.

The Hills say the pictures were of excellent quality, but we have the same question you do. Why didn't Tina Marie Photography send them much earlier? Tina hasn't responded to the phone number that was left on the letter.

If you have a consumer problem that you need help in solving, you can also reach Call 11 For Action at (419) 255-2255 or fill out a form online.

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