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BBB warns of potential job scams


Attorney General Mike DeWine is warning people about some job scams that are becoming more and more common.

In 2015, they received more than 150 complaints, involving work at home or business opportunity scams. The latest scam is the nanny or caregiver scam.

“They may say something like, ‘well, we’re moving back to the United States from overseas, and you will be perfect for us. We’re going to hire you to be the nanny for our child, but, we need you to buy an Xbox, or we need you to buy some health equipment,’” said Dick Eppstein of the Better Business Bureau.

Scammers then will proceed to send you a check that is counterfeit. There is also a mystery shopper scam, the work from home job, and more.

These scams are all the same, basically telling you to purchase items for the job with money that is non-existent.

“You should never believe an ad that wants to hire you without interviewing you, without actually meeting the people, meeting the parents, never believe that," said Eppstein.

Dick Eppstein of the BBB says these requests from ads to purchase equipment prior to you starting the job are outrageous, and should be a major red flag.

“For heaven’s sakes, don’t send money to get a job. The only time you would get a job, they would pay you, and you should avoid any claims like this," said Eppstein.

To report any potential job scams like these, call the Ohio Attorney General's Office at or 800-282-0515 or visit their website.

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