Don't Waste Your Money: Dollar menu deals or no-deals

Don't Waste Your Money: Dollar menu deals or no-deals

(WTOL) - Fast food restaurants are bringing back dollar menus in 2016 in hopes of boosting sagging business. But, this time around, the items listed may come with a catch.

Food is now coming in  a "bundled" form to trick the consumer into buying more, getting more money into the register and more food into your hands.

For example, McDonald's has rolled out a new McPick 2 menu where you combine two items for $2. Wendy's has launched a four for $4 deal and Burger King offers five items for $4.

If you're a fan of the new deals, brace yourselves, because they won't last for long.

McDonald's is only offering the two for $2 deal through February 2016. Other restaurants haven't announced when their menus will expire, but all are considered as being for a limited time only.

The bottom line is that restaurant owners can no longer float a business on dollar menus alone. These deals hurt their profits and may all be replete by spring.

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