Don't Waste Your Money: ATM withdrawals that go wrong

Don't Waste Your Money: ATM withdrawals that go wrong

(WTOL) - It's everyone's fear when making an ATM withdrawal: you put your card in, enter your PIN, and no cash comes out. Now, A woman is out almost $500 after an ATM took her card and failed to dispense any money.

Noreen Brandenburg says she was using an out-of-network ATM when the machine malfunctioned.

"I got my card back, but no money," she said.

Another problem with the transaction happened when a deduction of $480 was still made from her account.

"It said I had $10 in the account, where I had almost $500 previously," she said.

Fortunately, ATM failures are rare. If they do happen, there are some things you can do to protect yourself.

The money site says your best bet is to always use your own bank's ATM, when possible. Also, limiting cash withdrawals to $200 is a good policy in case something were to go wrong at the machine.

If this happens to you:

1. Take a cell phone photo of the ATM and of any receipt it prints.

2. Do not try to use the ATM again.

3. Call your bank immediately and file a claim.

4. Ask your bank if they can give you a "provisional credit" where they put the money in your account temporarily, until they investigate.

As for Brandenburg's case, both banks promised to speed up their investigation so she could get back her money in a matter of days rather than weeks. This occurred after both institutions were contacted.

"That's a long time to live without money," Brandenburg said.

Investigators reported  there was a technical error in the connection to her bank. Currently, both banks are working on a resolution.

Use your own bank's ATM to reduce the risk of wasting your money.

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