Don't Waste Your Money: Tow truck damage

Tow truck damage

(WTOL) - Butch Hunt received his dream ride - a Harley Davidson - from his wife for Christmas. But when he hired a towing company to bring it  home, the dream became a nightmare.

The Harley fell off the flatbed causing damages to his new bike.

"You can see a big dent here and how deep it is. It put a big dent in the tank and cracked the instrumental panel," he said. "All I want them to do is make it look like it did when they picked it up. Fix the tank; fix the instrument panel. Let Harley look at it and make sure nothing's wrong with it."

But, according to Hunt, the towing company has been dragging its feet.

So, we decided to investigate.

No one was in the office at the time of the visit, but the owner was able to be reached by cell phone. He said since Hunt accepted the driver's offer of $100 on the spot, he figured the case was closed.

Hunt said he just wants his Harley fixed.

"Step up, be a man, fix my bike," he said. "I'm not looking to make money."

After the news got involved, the company did reconsider and has now agreed to pay for the hundreds of dollars required for repairs.

What You Can Do

Towing damage happens a lot more than you think. A lot can go wrong when you lift a car into the air. Luckily, consumers do have recourse.

If your car is damaged during a tow:

  • Take photos of the damage and the tow truck.
  • Don't accept any cash on the spot: that can make it harder to collect a settlement later.
  • Ask the towing company to pay for repairs.

If the company refuses to pay for the damage, file a police report and contact the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney General. If it gets to that point, you can also contact your insurance company and ask them to pay for the repairs under your policy and sue the towing company.

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