Don't Waste Your Money: Selling 'Star Wars' collectibles

Don't Waste Your Money: Selling 'Star Wars' collectibles

(WTOL) - Some of your old "Star Wars" toys could be worth a fortune.

David Sussman, who collects and sells various antiques at his antique booth, says if you have "Star Wars" toys made in the 70s, the force is with you.

A full set of action figures is selling for $2,700 on Ebay and a Boba Fett doll is going for $1,600.

Sussman says the anticipation of the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" movie is the cause of the price increase and value of these items.

Art appraiser Morgan Cobb says the value of these collectibles is determined by their limited availability and their condition.

"Any time you have something in the box it can actually increase the value several fold," she said. "There's also rarity, condition, many other variables. You really have to do your homework."

Cobb showed an actual model used in the first "Star Wars" film. It sold for $180,000.

If you are checking the value of your Star Wars toys on Ebay, make sure to look at the selling price rather than the asking price to get the most accurate appraisal.

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