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Sisters of Notre Dame move to new home in Whitehouse


The Sisters of Notre Dame were on the move Tuesday as they packed up their home in Toledo and headed to a new one in Whitehouse.

After years of praying, nearly 40 sisters moved to the new spot.  

Provincial Mother Sister Mary Delores says it's a place for the older sisters who have completed active ministry, but are still on mission.

“Our sister don't retire, they keep volunteering in places until they're no longer able to do that," said Delores. “Either tutoring at the school or helping at the retreat center or going out on mission."

Delores says the new home is about the third of the size of the home in Toledo and incorporates some of the sisters’ wishes.

"We kept them informed along the way as we were making decisions, so I think all of our sisters feel like they had a part in what the design would be, and so it's not a surprise when they come to see it, they were like 'oh I asked for that,’” said Delores.

The sisters had plans to sell their land in Toledo to Kroger, but Toledo City Council rejected Kroger's rezoning request to build a new store.

Still, Delores says they're planning on moving forward with Kroger and working something out.

In the meantime, a spokeswoman for the sisters has launched a campaign called Seats for Sisters to raise money to pay for the cost of furniture in the new home.   

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