Caregiver Services FAQ's

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Caregiver Services from the Area Office on the Aging:

QUESTION: How do you find an elder law attorney?
ANSWER: There are various places to find information on an attorney in your area who specializes in elder law. Some of the places you may contact include The National Association of Elder Law at for a searchable directory; The Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc., The Alzheimer's Association, Children of Aging Parents, Health Insurance Association of America, National Citizen's Coalition of Nursing Home Reform, Older Women's League, Social Security Office, State Civil Liberties Union, State Insurance Commissioner, State or Local Bar Association, Support Groups for specific diseases, Hospital or Nursing Home Social Service Department.

QUESTION: I am caring for my love one that is age 60 or older and I am becoming stressed out? Where can I go for information and services in order to take better care of myself?
ANSWER: The Caregiver Support Program through the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. is designed to offer information, assistance, counseling, respite, and supplemental services to individuals caring for any older adult. The Caregiver Support Program can also offer information, assistance, and counseling to individuals in any caregiving situation, such as the working caregiver or long distance caregiver.

QUESTION: Where can I obtain information about support groups for caregivers?
ANSWER: Contact the Caregiver Support Program at 419.382-.624 or 1.800.472.7277 ext. 183 for information on support groups in your area.

QUESTION: My loved one lives in another state and I am assisting with their care long distance? Where can I find out information on how I can connect them with services in their local area?
ANSWER: Contact the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. at 419.382.0624 or 1.800.472.7277 or contact Eldercare Locator at 1.800.677.1116 or go to to find services in their area.

QUESTION: How do I develop a caregiver plan?
ANSWER: The Ohio Department of Aging offers a personal profile planner to record information. The planner is available from the Area Office on Aging. Or may be downloaded from the Ohio Department of Aging website at

QUESTION: Where can I find a resource guide for caregivers?
ANSWER: Contact the Caregiver Support Program at 419.382.0624 or 1.800.472.7277 ext. 183 for in order to obtain a copy of Caregiving Smarts The Resource Guide for Families & Persons Caring for Older Adults.

QUESTION: Are there guides available for caregivers and professionals to assist caregivers with planning?
ANSWER: The Complete Life Series are downloadable free-of –charge from our website The following information is included:

  • Booklet 1: Advanced Care Planning: Making Choices Known A workbook to document the kind of care you want if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Includes web addresses to find your state’s forms.
  • Booklet 2: Planning Ahead: Funeral and Memorial Services A workbook to document your funeral or memorial service preferences ahead of time. Includes tips for consumers.
  • Booklet 3: Preparing to Say Good-bye: Care for the Dying Learn about common symptoms experienced by dying people and what you can do to make the dying person more comfortable.
  • Booklet 4: When Death Occurs: What to Do When a Loved One Dies A guide to help you get through the hours, days, and weeks following a loved one’s death.
  • Booklet 5: Help for the Bereaved: The Healing Journey Learn about the common expressions of grief, the healing process, and when to get help.