Don't Waste Your Money: Alarm salesmen should set off bells

Don't Waste Your Money: Alarm salesmen should set off bells

(WTOL) - Many of us buy a home alarm to give our families extra security, but some homeowners who have spent their money on these security systems find they are ringing just the opposite!

"This young man was knocking on my side door.  And I came up to him and said what do you want? And he said I'm from your alarm company, I've come to update your system," said Nancy Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald was frightened by the solicitor who strolled up to her house while she was working in her garden. When she informed him that she would not be letting him into her home, he became aggressive with her. Thankfully, a neighbor came to her rescue.

"I said there's too much happening, I don't know who you are! I went in and called my alarm company, and they had no idea who this man was," she said.

According to police, these types of incidents are happening more and more. Prominent alarm companies also confirm their frequency.

ADT's corporate attorney David Bleisch said, "They're knocking on our customers doors, saying they are either with ADT or saying other lies like ADT went out of business."

Bleisch also said they are using a video in a lawsuit that shows how salespeople are trained to deceive people. Some of the content includes throwing out lines like: "The reason why we're out here is we are just taking down those old panels, popping up a new one, nothing that you have to pay for."

To protect yourself from deception, follow these rules:

  • If someone shows up, don't let them into your home - even if they show you an alarm badge.
  • Get their name.
  • Then, call your alarm company at the number on your keypad - not a phone number they give you.
  • If your company does not know them, send they on their way. You were a target.

The bottom line is: Never let an unknown visitor into your home. Stay safe and don't waste your money!

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