EDITORIAL: Back-to-School 2015

EDITORIAL: Back-to-School 2015

(WTOL) - Children are heading back to school; pre-school, elementary, middle, junior high and high schoolers will be hitting the books, playing sports, participating in activities. Let's all make sure they get to and from school safely.

Here are some reminders for parents and students alike:

Don't text and drive. Most of us demand this from our children when they become old enough to drive. Practice what you preach.

Watch out for hot spots, things like school zones, bus stops and bike lanes.

Yield to school buses. Don't try to overtake the bus. It's a moving violation and frankly it's rude.

Expect the unexpected. Children can and will dart out in front of you.

Budget extra travel time. School areas will be congested.

Remind our children to exercise crosswalk safety. Cross streets only at crosswalks or stop lights. And always look both ways.

Use the buddy system. Child who walk should always have a walking buddy and know their route.

Remind kids to practice school bus safety when entering, riding and exiting the bus.

Wear bike safety equipment. Children who bike should wear helmets, light-colored clothing and reflective devices.

I'm Brian Lorenzen, Vice President and General Manager of WTOL 11. Let's make it a safe school year.

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