Call 11 For Action: Woman forced to change venue for January wedding

Call 11 For Action: Woman forced to change venue for January wedding
Alix Galloro and fiance Adam
Alix Galloro and fiance Adam

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - January 16, 2016 is a date that Alix Galloro has been looking forward to for the past year. It's her wedding date and plans have been underway for months. But now, she will have to find a new wedding venue in just a few months.

Galloro said last Thursday she was told that her wedding venue, the Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Toledo, could no longer accommodate her wedding.

"I was shocked," Galloro said upon hearing the news. "We've had this place booked since March or April, since we got engaged. We're having about 250 people, so we've had this place planned and we were planning on having our reception here."

She was so shocked that she was unsure how to respond.

"I wasn't angry yet. I didn't know how to react," she said. "She told me they would not be able to hold our reception here, that they're closing for renovations and we have to find another place I guess," she said.

WTOL reached out to the Grand Plaza and a representative for the hotel would not confirm or deny any reports that the hotel is closing for renovation. When WTOL called again to inquire about booking a ballroom in January, another employee said the Grand Plaza would be closed from December 1, 2015 through April for renovations.

Now that the clock is ticking, Galloro jumped into survival mode.

"Now that I've had some time to think, I've just went right ahead and started looking for other places to have it," she said. "We've been searching since Saturday."

The issue is that Galloro has already made a financial commitment and sent out her save-the-dates and RSVPs. In fact, some of her out-of-town guests have booked rooms at the hotel.

"We have to get our RSVPs reprinted and get those sent out as soon as possible since the wedding's almost about 2 months away," said Galloro. "We already put down our deposit. We haven't got it back yet. They said that they don't know if they'll get it back to us until November."

Galloro is hopeful that because January typically isn't a busy time for weddings, there will be other viable options out there.

"I'm really hoping we can find a place that will accommodate 250 people," she said. "We wanted it at a hotel, since January is not the best weather-wise, so we'll see what happens."

Galloro said staff at the Grand Plaza have offered to help find another venue, but she wishes that the news wouldn't have been on such short notice. Currently, she is busy looking for another venue and hoping that something will come through.

"I wanted everything to be planned and done before the holidays, so this is kind of a bump in the road," Galloro said.

WTOL will keep you apprised of the exact dates that the Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Toledo may be closing for renovations.

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