Don't waste your money: Research builders and contractors to avoid future projects

Don't waste your money: Research builders and contractors to avoid future projects

(WTOL) - Sometimes asking a friend for a referral or checking with the Better Business Bureau can fall short of ensuring your home remodeling is done correctly.

One woman found that her bathroom was built incorrectly, posing a hazard to the house and health of her family.

Kelly Haas keeps her bathroom door shut on account of the mold that is growing behind her shower.

"We've noticed the shower down the middle, had started to pucker, to bow. We have to keep it closed, this is all black mold," she said.

When Haas called a contractor, he informed her that there was drywall behind the tile an area where there was not supposed to be drywall.

"This is all drywall here, and the drywall is all wet," she said.

According to Scripps Networks' DIY Network, cement backerboard should be used behind shower tile. Water resistant greenboard is acceptable in some cases, but standard drywall should never be used.

This is something the builder did when the house was originally constructed. All of this came with a Home Buyer's Warranty. But, the warranty expired after ten years.

"The house is twelve years old. It will be thirteen in January," Haas said.

WTOL called the builder who promised to investigate the smelly mold-ridden bathroom.

He said if they determined the problem was due to their error at the time the house was constructed, his company would replace the shower at no charge. After taking a look at the bathroom, the company agreed to do the work.

Here are some tips so this does not happen to you:

  • Don't choose a builder or a contractor based a low price
  • Ask for references and then call them
  • Google the builder or contractor for complaints

This way, you won't waste your money.

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