Imagination Station to open Mythbusters Exhibit Saturday

Imagination Station to open Mythbusters Exhibit Saturday

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Imagination Station's new exhibit allows visitors to become their own mythbusters and face challenges like they've seen on TV.

Starting Saturday, October 17, visitors will be able to bring science to life through the Mythbusters Explosive Exhibition, something that has shown people of all ages how fun science can be.

"Kids are getting inspired to have more interest in science. Adults are being entertained by, you know, remembering what they learned in high school," said Will Peterson, Director of Marketing and Special Projects for the Exhibits Development Group.

Based off the TV show "Mythbusters," Peterson says this exhibit started four years ago with a goal of showing that you don't have to be a scientist in a lab, you can take you curiosity anywhere.

"So they take science effectively out of the lab into the real world. You can do science anywhere, you can do it on a kitchen table, you can do it in your garage, your backyard or here at the Imagination Station," Peterson said.

And since then over 100,000 people have had the chance to experience this hands-on exhibit, something Imagination Station's Paul Morin says perfectly aligns with what they were looking for.

"We're all about fun at the science center, making science fun, making it accessible, making it be able to be something that you can actually do yourself and actually try," Morin said.

While the exhibit features a blue print room and displays several pieces used in the TV show, there's also an interactive section where visitors get to try out their "mythbusting" skills. Some of those challenges include the card toss, tablecloth trick, driving blind, changing into a superhero and dodging
a paintball bullet.

At the end of the tour you can submit your own myth questions that you have to the show and maybe you'll see your myth either confirmed, plausible or busted in the next episode.

The event starts this Saturday and runs through January 10.

For more information on the exhibit, click here. For information on the show "Mythbusters," click here.

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