EDITORIAL: What a start to the college football season

(WTOL) - What a start to the college football season!

Ohio State continues its win streak and is one of the top ranked teams in the country.

Coach Harbaugh and his Wolverines have posted 3 straight shutouts. Their only loss, to an unbeaten, #1 ranked Utah team.

The Falcons are 4-2 and have beaten not one, but two Big 10 teams, while putting up 37 points per game.

And how about those Rockets? Nationally ranked, 5-0, with wins over Arkansas and Iowa State!

Remind me, who did Ohio State play the week the Rockets beat Arkansas? It doesn't matter, coach Bielema, your team lost!

Lots of football remains and so far, in this area there's a lot to cheer about!

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