Don't Waste Your Money: Buying designer clothing online and at a discount

Don't Waste Your Money: Buying designer clothing online and at a discount

(WTOL) - A designer dress website that offered steep discounts was too good to be true. Two consumers shared their shopping experiences and why they trusted the site at first glance.

"I thought if they take PayPal, I'm protected," said one customer who was ripped off. "I saw that PayPal does business with them, that they accepted it. I felt one-hundred-and-ten percent confident, never even questioned it. Made my order for $127 and bought the dresses."

Cami followed an ad from her Facebook page to and wound up purchasing a few items. When they arrived, she was disappointed that the goods were not only damaged, but the wrong size.

"This one is saying it's a large and it's a small... This one is ripped," she said. "The dresses came, three in the wrong size, one's damaged. I got five instead of six."

But, Cami was not the only consumer who experienced buyer's remorse. One shopper found her bridesmaids' dresses on the same site and regretted it.

"The color's not at all what I wanted," said the bride-to-be. "It's very tangy."

Returning the items proved just as disappointing. Although shipped by DHL, the return label was missing and the price to reship it back to the company rivaled the amount some had spent in the first place.

"The shipping, the cheapest is $99," said Cami.

The Better Business Bureau gives TB Dress an "F" rating. The website has not responded to any inquiries from the BBB or WTOL.

For the best shopping experience online, make sure you check any retailer complaints and find out where the company is located. And although PayPal offers some protection, know it does not cover everything.

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