Teens use role-play to teach others about bullying

Teens use role-play to teach others about bullying

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Thursday, students from Clay, Northwood and Cardinal Stitch used role-playing to lead interactive discussions with students about bullying at Bay Park Hospital as a part of the Teen Pep program.

"Too many teenagers, too many young kids are facing these problems alone and they feel alone," says Preciosa Rios a senior from Northwood High School.

Students are stepping up to the plate, letting victims of bullying and those who witness it know they have options. They can tell an adult, walk away from the situation, stand up to the bully and be a friend.

"For those who are bullying, there are better ways to live out your life and to help others live out theirs," says Rios.

Jeremy White was at the event. His 12-year-old daughter Jamera White committed suicide a year ago, he says because of cyberbullying.

"I know it's a war as far as cyberbullying is going on and these are our troopers until we stop a war that is very violent," says White.

Teen Pep has been around for 20 years now and more than 175 students from 14 different schools across northwest Ohio participate in the program.

The hope is that Teen Pep can help reduce a problem that's plaguing so many school districts.

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