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Only On 11: Good samaritans step in to help man beaten unconscious

Gabe Diaz and Shannon Shumate Gabe Diaz and Shannon Shumate

On Tuesday, WTOL first told you about a young man assaulted at a Circle K gas station in Bowling Green Sunday.

The 20-year-old was being beaten unconscious by four men when a group of good samaritans stepped in to help. Two of those samaritans spoke exclusively with WTOL 11 about the experience.

Gabe and Shannon say they had been out for a friend's 21st birthday and were walking with their group of friends near the gas station, when they saw the assault in progress. They say it was obvious the victim was in serious need of help, so they all jumped in and took action.

“Nobody deserves to get jumped, it's just wrong,” said Shannon Shumate.

That's how both of the witnesses I spoke with feel, after stumbling upon the horrible assault.

“I turned around, next thing you know I see the guy on the ground, six guys were kicking him in the head, punching him and all that stuff, and you know, I just reacted to it,” said Gabe Diaz.

“I was just trying to keep him conscious after all that, because they kicked him in the head, like a lot, and in the sides and stuff, he was bleeding and stuff, and I felt bad, and I didn't know what else to do just other than to keep him conscious,” said Shannon.

The victim asked that he not be identified, but when he spoke with WTOL he said he woke up in the ambulance and doesn't really remember much of the assault. When he was told by paramedics that some good samaritans helped him, he says he was extremely thankful. 

For Gabe, Shannon and their friends, they're just hoping he's okay.

“Just keep your head up man, you'll get through this, and you need us, we're always there to help,” said Gabe.

Both Shannon and Gabe say that it didn't matter that they didn't know the victim, and they're urging everyone, if you come across a situation like the one they did, that you jump in to help.

The victim is recovering and is relieved to know that the four men responsible were arrested for his assault. 

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