Attorneys Speak Out in Case of Accused Priest

TOLEDO -- The attorneys for accused killer Father Gerald Robinson are speaking out. A former attorney claims Fr. Robinson did not fail a polygraph test taken 24 years ago in connection with the murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.

Robinson's former attorney, Henry Herschel, disagrees with lie detector results that claim Fr. Robinson failed the test. Herschel says he still has a copy of those polygraph results. "The first examination stated 'In the examiner's opinion, truthfulness cannot be verified.' The examiner did not used the word 'failed' in his report," says Herschel.

Henry Herschel also said that Father Robinson was given a second polygraph by a private company and the examiner determined the priest was being truthful.

Police involved in the Father Robinson case tell News 11 they stand by their search warrants and they verified the results of the polygraph before the search warrant and again Tuesday.

Details of the tests were included in search warrant affidavits released Monday. The affidavits were filed to support two police searches conducted in September at the offices of the Diocese of Toledo in which detectives wanted to see alleged "secret archives." Late Monday, the Diocese denied the existence of any "secret archives," and said all information about Father Robinson has been turned over to the prosecutor's office and the police.

News 11 also learned that Judge Osowik just issued a second gag order that would prohibit possible witnesses from talking publicly about this case in the future. That would include Henry Herschel.

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