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Only On 11: Point Place teen gets second truck after his first was stolen and gutted


Earlier in September, Point Place teen Gage Whitenburg's truck was stolen after working hard all summer to purchase it. After an outpouring of support from the community, Gage says he's getting a great deal on another truck.

"I'm still upset about the (first) truck, but Henry has hooked me up with this really nice truck and I'm just really relieved and really happy to finally get a good truck," he said.

Gage's mom, Amanda Whitenburg, says seeing her son get into another vehicle after his first was stolen and gutted, was worth it.

"I'm trying not to choke up," she said. "It's overwhelming to see him in front of the truck, it's overwhelming to see him so excited again about a new truck."

Henry's Auto Sales reached out to Gage and WTOL after seeing his story. Gage fell in love with a 2001 Ford Explorer he saw on that lot and the rest is history.

"I'm very excited to get a nice, running truck that is reliable. It's great!" he said.

Gage indicated that through the community's help, a Go Fund Me account, and his remaining bank savings, he was able to purchase the Explorer. As for the thieves who did away with his last vehicle, Gage says there was a lesson to be learned from that.

"I definitely wish they would get what they deserve, but at the end of the day you just gotta move on. You can't stew on things," he said.

Amanda echoed that sentiment.

"When you see how many good people are actually out there, it really overcomes you when you realize that there are more good people than there are bad," she said.

While the financial support from the Go Fund Me account was unexpected, it was the emotional support that counted for the Whitenburg family.

"He's had so many people reach out to him and share their stories. Even the people who just shared their stories, it was something we sat through and looked at together," said Amanda.

After receiving that encouragement from the community, Henry's Auto Sales and even strangers, the family hopes they can, in turn, make a difference for others.

"It warms your heart and it makes you want to pay it forward to help other people who come in similar situations," said Amanda.

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