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Mother of teen involved in school fight tells her side

Fight at school prompts investigation (Source: WOIO) Fight at school prompts investigation (Source: WOIO)

We are learning more about a scary video of students fighting in a classroom at Maple Heights High School.

Last week we heard from a 16-year-old girl who says she was the victim, and her mother who told us the fight was all over a hair color.

"I'm disgusted, disappointed, upset. I feel like I failed my child. They made it sound like she was going to be safe. I sent her to school and this is what happens," Sherece Kirby told us last week.

Regina Nobles is the mother of one of the girls in the video.

"I am very disappointed and worried at the same time," Nobles said.

She says her two daughters were attacked and bullied first. She wants Maple Heights to hand over security video from the hallway.

Under federal law, she has a right to see it. 

Nobles says this feud is all over a boy who is a life-long friend of her daughter, and the boyfriend of the 16-year-old.

"I don't want to be burying my children. So much is going on right now and over a boy is pointless," Nobles said.

Cleveland 19 News wants to know how we can get a handle on all this bullying in our schools. One woman in Maple Heights reached out to us with a few ideas.

Kimberly F. Brown with the Kim Brown Report tells us, "Bullying has gone too far. Social media has gone too far. We have to shut it down and shut it down now."

Brown is trying to mediate a solution on bullying in Maple Heights one family at a time.

"We know our kids. If your child is an aggressor, if your child is a bully, that when a parent has to jump in, be it counseling, get into a mentor program.  Reach out to Juvenile Court. The Unruly Program. The Diversion Program. Something has to happen," Brown said.

Brown is working with the families and the school district to find a solution in this crisis situation.

The two sisters have been suspended from school.

Maple Heights Police are also investigating the assault and a shooting that happened last month that could be tied into the school altercation.

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