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Only On 11: TPS parent upset after son's English class falls through the cracks

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Toledo mother tells WTOL 11 she's frustrated with the lack of education in her son's English class. 

Bowsher sophomore Lonnell Johnson says it’s been three weeks since school began and his class still hasn't been learning or doing any classwork.

He says instead of reading or writing in his English class, kids are talking or texting. But that all changed Wednesday when Lonnell says his class had to take a test they weren't prepared to take.

"We never had a teacher, we just had a different sub every day and we just pretty much be on our phones and talk to each other and not do no work,” he said.

Then this week he says they were told the school needed midterm grades.

"She made us take the test right after she told us everything, but after she got done explaining the test, it was only 20 minutes left in the class,” he said.

"I picked him up today. He informed me that they were given their grades on the test. The teacher told them, which were majority D's and F's, which is understandable, because they were just given the information,” said Lonnell’s mom Marquita Mauldin.

She says she wants to know how her son's class slipped through the cracks.

"They could have a different sub every day, if they had a book they could work through the book, work through the chapters, they didn't even get a book… They got their book today. You took a test yesterday, but you didn't get your book till today,” she said.

Linda Meyers with Toledo Public Schools says the substitute teachers were teaching, but not consistently, as they were just the subs for the class. However, she says a new teacher was just hired for the remainder of the year.

"I can assure you that the teacher who has that classroom as a permanent assignment will be coming in and taking and integrating what they have missed throughout the first few weeks of school into the remainder of the school year,” said Meyers.

As for the midterm test, she says those grades will not be registered on their interim reports.

Meyers says the grades that the students will be receiving in the class will be from Monday going forward.

She says substitute teachers in the district do the best they can coming into a new situation. 

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