News crew safety concerns after on air shooting in VA

News crew safety concerns after on air shooting in VA

(Toledo News Now) - A Virginia TV reporter and her cameraman were shot and killed Wednesday while on air. It is a tragedy that has many shaken up and newsrooms across the nation in mourning.

WTOL spoke with a professor who specializes in traumatic stress. She explains the impact this event could have on on journalists.

"Journalists face a lot of difficulties. They have to maintain face with the public and the newsroom. It's a stressful job. And maybe we need to be thinking more long-term about how do we manage that. I think for today, this is an opportunity to talk about valuing one another and solidarity," said Dr. Elana Newman, professor at the University of Tulsa.

The deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward were the first of journalists since 2007 in the U.S.

Newman says this type of tragedy can happen in any profession. She hopes that this can serve as a reminder to managers and bosses to review their policies and have safety plans in place.

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