TFD releases internal report of 2014 fatal fire

TFD releases internal report of 2014 fatal fire

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Fire Department has released its internal report on a fire that killed two firefighters in January 2014.

The internal report on the deadly January 26, 2014 fire that claimed the lives of Steven Machcinski and Jamie Dickman was developed by an investigative committee led by Deputy fire chief Tom Jaksetic and a battalion chief and fire captain.

Fire chief Luis Santiago writes that this report could help the department learn from the fire and avoid a future tragic outcome.

The fire at 528 Magnolia was investigated as an arson and building owner Ray Abou-Arab is awaiting trial on murder charges.

The internal TFD report makes the first point that the fire was intentionally set and firefighters must be vigilant of increased threats to their health and safety, caused by people with bad intentions.

The report also says the response to this fire was delayed because station number three was closed for renovation and the Craig memorial bridge was closed to traffic. One recommendation was to address the need to "fill in" stations when companies are out of service for any reason.

Some other findings point out that engine three and six entered the building without a charged hose line, meaning they didn't have readily available water to attack the fire when they went in.

The report also says the very important safety officer was the last position assigned to the fire - more than 16 minutes elapsed since the initial alarm. The report says command must fill the duties and responsibilities of safety until command assigns safety to another officer.

The report also says there were communication failures during the fire, like vague instruction, transmissions not heard and information transmitted, but not acknowledged.

The report mirrors several of the findings of the NIOSH report, a federal report on the deadly fire.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson will speak on the internal report at at a news conference Friday at 10 a.m. Watch it live here.

WTOL 11 will continue to analyze this report for you and bring you any more information as it comes to light. 

Read the full report here.

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