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Wood Co. property owners meet with attorneys over pipeline rights

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A group of concerned Wood County citizens came together Thursday night to learn what their rights are when it comes to the Nexus pipeline which is being planned for their land.

Many of those at the meeting were farmers, who depend on their land for their livelihood. They sat down with a group of lawyers to make sure they can eventually be compensated fairly.

Lee Sundermeier says he worries about his farm’s drainage system being destroyed by the pipeline.

“Our ancestors had to hand-dig ditches, tile drains, all sorts of features to get the swamp to drain so it would be productive farm land,” Sundermeier explained.

He wants to make sure he gets a fair deal.

“Pipelines crossing Wood County will destroy much of that drainage, and it is up to each of us farm owners, land owners, to see to it that that drainage is repaired properly, that we are compensated for the lost income, for the crops that will be destroyed when the pipeline is installed,” he said.

“[Nexus has] to pay fair compensation for it,” said Mike Braunstein, an attorney with Goldman & Braunstein. “The fair compensation consists of what they are actually taking, in this case, they estimate that would be 50 or 60 feet wide plus the damage to the remainder of the property that they are not taking.”

That includes the value of the property as a whole. Braunstein says his law firm represents about 75 people in Wood County. He believe there is no way to get around having the Nexus pipeline move through the area, and Nexus will have eminent domain.

“Eminent domain is simply the right of the government or people that they delegate, like the pipeline companies, to take private property – literally, to take it and to become the owner of it,” Braunstein said.

Nexus has filed their pre-application work and should be submitting their final application this year. Construction would start in 2017.

To contact the Goldman & Braunstein law firm, call 614-229-4512.

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