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Expert says at home filters or purification systems will not remove microcystin

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

As rumors about the quality of the City of Toledo's water continue to circulate, don't be tricked into thinking a home water filter or purification system will work effectively to remove microcystin, says an expert.

Doctor Patrick Lawrence with the University of Toledo says there isn't any science or sound studies that show putting your tap water through a home water filter will effectively remove microcystin.

"There’s a lot of variation in water treatment, but there's no extensive studies that show if any of them - or to what degree - they are successful for removing microcystin,” said Lawrence.

Dr. Lawrence says because of the lack of sufficient research, home filters or purification systems are not something that can be relied on to remove micryocistin. He says most home systems are getting rid of particles.

"Particles that can be filtered out, the problem with micryocistin is it's a micro-particle, so, so, so small, the standard filtration isn't going to remove it,” said Lawrence.

He says the City of Toledo’s water treatment plant is using the best technology to remove the harmful microcystin.

"At high volumes, and they're highly regulated, which means they have to meet standards and they're testing extensively, none of which any of us are doing in our home,” said Lawrence. “Or if you're drawing water from a well, are you testing at the kind of level the water treatment plant is? No, cause you're not required to."

He says be very cautious if a home filter company tells you their system will keep your water safe, no matter what happens with the city's.

"You know, unless they can provide independent peer-reviewed studies that clearly show that their technology does remove microcystin, and there's not a lot of studies out there that I’m aware of, so I don't know how they can make the claim,” said Lawrence.  

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