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Mayor Hicks-Hudson defends Toledo's communication plan for microcystin levels

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Monday, Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson announced in a press conference that the microcystin levels in Lake Erie near the city’s water intake had changed, causing the online water dashboard to go from “clear” to “watch.”  

Mayor Hicks-Hudson says the city has been preparing for this moment for about a year. 

After last year’s water crisis the city faced a lot of criticism about their transparency towards the safety of the water.

Hicks-Hudson says, not only have they put together a plan for testing and treating the water, but more importantly, they have put together a communication plan, which was put in place Monday.  

The Mayor says the city wants to make sure they restore confidence in residents after last year's water crisis and they have decided the best way to do that is to inform residents every time there is a change in the water.

She says the water dashboard was just the first step of that communication plan, the other part of it is to hear from the Mayor, meaning the city will hold a news conference like they did Monday night every time there is a change in our water.

“Everyone is so concerned about the water and I think it’s important that, if there was a change, to let people know and to do it with one voice as opposed to having different voices speak about it,” said Hicks-Hudson.

The city’s plan is all part of the Mayor's commitment to being transparent and truthful when it comes to our water.  

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