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Microcystin in Lake Erie: Comparing 2015 to 2014

(Source: City of Toledo Facebook page) (Source: City of Toledo Facebook page)
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

With the one year anniversary of Toledo’s water crisis fast approaching, WTOL 11 is comparing last year’s microcystin levels with what they look like now.

According to the Toledo Water Department, raw water tests in Lake Erie on the first day of the water crisis (August 2, 2014) detected microcystin at a greater level than 5.5 parts per billion, the highest number they can record.

Now compare that to the most recent test taken Tuesday, which showed microcystin detected in the raw water at 0.4 parts per billion.

Microcystin in Toledo’s tap water on August 2, 2014 was measured at 3.4 parts per billion, while the most recent tap sample, taken at 9 a.m. Monday, showed microcystin in our tap water to be “non-detect,” meaning it was equal or less than 0.3 parts per billion.  

Still, Water Treatment Commissioner Chuck Campbell says it is difficult to compare last year’s raw data to this year’s because testing protocols have changed.  

“We can't compare last year to this year, exactly. So we have better methods this year. We have better instrumentation this year. We have a better guidance document from Ohio EPA and a method this year, so much more improvement in the science,” said Campbell.

The Mayor's office wants to stress to the public that the water coming out of your tap right now is "non-detect,” meaning it is safe to drink for all ages.  

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