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Health Department holds press conference on microcystin in Lake Erie

(Dr. David Grossman) (Dr. David Grossman)
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Health Commissioner Doctor David Grossman stressed to the public at a press conference Tuesday that the water IS safe to drink.

He says Toledo’s water is “Top Notch” and the health department does have a plan in place to keep you safe it microcystin levels do go up.

First, if microcystin levels in the drinking water reach 0.3 parts per billion, the city says there will be a warning issued for children ages five and under, pregnant women, dialysis patients, and people with liver disease to NOT drink the water.

Second, if the levels then reach 0.6 parts per billion, there will be another warning issued for everyone to NOT drink the water.

Once again, Dr. Grossman stresses that we have reached that point as of yet. He say the Health Department has already been working with hospitals and private physicians to make sure they know what to do if microcystin levels go up.

"We are also working very closely with the hospitals and the Ohio EPA and everything with guidelines - what to do in the hospital and health care settings if there is an alert, such as how to sterilize the instruments for surgery - how to use what water you are going to use to mix certain medicine and do that,” said Grossman.  

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