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Perrysburg releases plan for potential water crisis

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

To help ease people’s concerns about their drinking water Perrysburg is getting ahead of a potential water emergency by releasing new plans.

Wednesday, Perrysburg Mayor Mike Olmstead released the city's preparations for a water emergency on Facebook

He says he wants everyone to know they are ready to handle another water crisis effectively if one is to occur.

"Like most of northwest Ohio last year, there were a lot of questions and a lot of concerns,” said Mayor Olmstead.

Like many cities, Perrysburg receives their water from Toledo. Olmstead says they have worked since last year’s water crisis to better equip themselves incase another one strikes.

“We’re in that time of the year where the algae blooms are becoming an issue again and we just want folks to know that we've taken head of what happened last year,” said Olmstead.

To help inform the public of their preparations for future water emergencies they have posted their plans onto Facebook.

“We've got portable water stations now that will be up and active. But also, and as importantly, we've worked with northwestern water and sewer district to secure a more permanent tap that we can use in the event of a water crisis. We've also worked with the City of Bowling Green as well,” said Olmstead.

The mayor says they've also worked on improving communication and making sure the right information is passed on to the public in a timely fashion. 

But all is not done, he says there's still more to do.

“Our goal is to find a more long lasting, long term solution to water in northwest Ohio. And Perrysburg is not waiting. We are actively engaged in looking for what is going to be our best option going forward for our citizens to have safe and plentiful drinking water,” said Olmstead.

He says all the new equipment will be here in the next couple weeks.

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