Defense, prosecution debate missing arson report in Abou-Arab case

Defense, prosecution debate missing arson report in Abou-Arab case

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A report has gone missing in the arson case of Ray Abou-Arab. Abou-Arab is charged with murder and arson in the death of two Toledo firefighters last year.

The missing report said one of the investigators believed Abou-Arab may have set fire to his kitchen - not the garage. That conclusion was reached only after a quick walk-through of the apartment.

The report was made by a police investigator who has since been taken off the case after telling the judge he was “emotionally broken” after losing a close friend in the deadly blaze.

The defense for Abou-Arab suggests the report helps the case against the fire department and the lead investigator. The state, however, is trying to prove otherwise by saying the report is out of date. The state says it has already been proven that Abou-Arab started the fire in the garage.

Witnesses also testified that that report was made early in the case and has no relevance going forward.

Investigators suggest no evidence was covered up, but rather as the investigation continued, the report was edited to reflect the new information discovered.

Also Monday, the judge addressed a gag order previously issued. The judge determined that the City of Toledo and the Toledo Fire Department were not included in the order because they are not parties involved in the case.

A trial date has not been set at this time.

Read more on the case against Abou-Arab and the fallen firefighters here.

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