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Only On 11: Lucas Co task force helps indict two more for rape

(Elrico Martin and Dwayne Files) (Elrico Martin and Dwayne Files)
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Lucas County prosecutors and Toledo police detectives have been working together to convict rapists and sexual predators through a special task force started after the Attorney General's Office picked up the bill to test thousands of old rape kits. Monday WTOL discussed the latest indictments with local prosecutors and detectives.

"So far I think it's going great. We've had several indictments and countless cases are pending under investigation," said prosecuting attorney Charles McDonald.

Friday two more rape indictments were made, making it seven total since January.

Nearly 2,000 kits have been sent to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and 1,000 of them are now back in the hands of investigators tasked with finishing the job.

“We try to prioritize cases where there's multiple offender hits - where one person has been identified by the bureau of criminal investigation as doing more than one. If there is a case involving a small child we prioritize that - those are the ones we are working on now,” said TPD Detective Vince Mauro.

He says it is not a quick process and takes a lot of work to solve each rape case - with some stemming back nearly 20 years.

“Some of them have already been put to rest due to victims either being deceased, the suspects being deceased or victims not wanting to go forward or basically telling us that they didn't really tell us the entire story the first time through,” said Detective Mauro.

Still hundreds of cases remain unsolved until the kits are processed.

Friday Elrico Martin and Dwayne Files were indicted by a grand jury on one count of rape each for cases that date back to 2009 and 2011. Both indictments stemming from evidence gathered from processed rape kits.

“Any time there is an indictment on a rape case we feel good about the work that we have done. It means that the unit as a whole has been successful. It means that there are victims out there willing to stand up and go forward and say that something has happened to them that needs to be prosecuted,” said McDonald.

Detective Mauro says the reaction from victims are mixed. He says some victims are glad and want to see their attacker face a judge, while others have moved on with their lives and don't want to reopen old wounds.

But regardless of the victim's wishes, if the suspect is a danger to the community, police will press charges. 

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