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Humane Ohio's tips for controlling the stray cat population

(Toledo News Now) - With the warmer weather ahead, now is the time of year you may be seeing stray kittens or cats in your neighborhood. Humane Ohio wants to remind the public that there's a way they can help control the population and keep the cats off your property.

Homeowners can buy cat repellents, or use common items like coffee grounds or orange and lemon peels in the garden.

People can also rent cat traps from Humane Ohio for a $65 deposit you receive back once you return the trap. After you trap the cat, Humane Ohio recommends taking the cat in to get fixed, which they say not only controls the population, but controls bad habits.

"If they get spayed and neutered, they're not going to roam as much," said Laura Laffey with Humane Ohio. "When they're in tact, they tend to roam around. They'll spray, they get into all these behaviors that most people don't like, so getting them spayed and neutered kind of reduces those annoying behaviors and keeps the other ones away." 

Humane Ohio has an upcoming promotion called "Precious not Parents." Any cat or dog six months old and under can get spayed or neutered for only $20. There is limited availability, so you need to call ahead of time to make an appointment at 419-299-5607. You can also visit Humane Ohio's website for more information.

Stray cats can also be brought to the Humane Society, but depending on their behavior, they may be put down.

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