TFD deals with findings of NIOSH report

TFD deals with findings of NIOSH report

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Fire Department is now dealing with the recent findings of a federal fire report.

The report released by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lists a series of contributing factors into last year's deaths of Toledo firefighters Steve Machcinski and Jamie Dickman.

Those factors include arson, not getting water on the fire quick enough, staffing issues and the lack of a safety officer.

Since the report was released just one week ago, the union has expressed their disappointment with the fire chief, but the department has not said too much because of a rag order placed by the courts.

Sources from the department say that moral is at an all-time low and that firefighters feel slighted for not learning of the findings before they were released to the public.

Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld says you can draw your own conclusion on what's going on in the minds of firefighters and the department. He says he cannot speak for others, but that with what is being reported in the media and what is being said about the department, everyone is reacting differently. He maintains that the firefighters at the department are true professionals.

“Our mission is to protect and serve our citizens, to make a difference every day. So, despite what they may see and hear, I want them to rest assured that no matter what we're professional firefighters and we will carry on as such,” said Hertzfeld.

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