Union members gather to learn more about NIOSH fire report

Union members gather to learn more about NIOSH fire report

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Members of the IAFF Local 92, the Toledo firefighters' union, met Thursday to learn details of the newly-released report by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) about the deaths of two firefighters last year.

Privates Steve Machcinski and Jamie Dickman died fighting an apartment building fire on Magnolia Street in January of last year. The building's owner, Ray Abou-Arab, is facing charges for the firefighters' deaths after investigators say he started the blaze.

The NIOSH report details several problems with the fire department's response to the killer blaze. They include an inadequate water supply, staffing issues and the lack of a safety officer on the scene.

Union President Jeff Romstadt explained why he called the special meeting:

"I want to make sure the information is shared," he said. "That's the purpose of this meeting, to share the information with the rank-and-file because, at this point, there has not been a lot of sharing of information and it's been 15 months since our members' deaths."

Meanwhile, Toledo

a three-member committee to go through the NIOSH report. They'll determine if the fire department needs to make any operational changes.

The report is only a teaching tool, but it leaves a lot of room for

the day of the deadly fire.

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