Experts from 5 countries meet at BGSU for algae summit

Experts from 5 countries meet at BGSU for algae summit

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - It has been nearly a year since the Toledo water crisis that made the area's drinking water unusable, and since then experts have been working extremely hard to try to control the problem.

Monday, experts from five different countries met at Bowling Green State University for an algae summit to discuss the problem and how to control it.

The summit brought in experts from China, Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, and Canada, all of which have dealt with bloom events in their respective countries, to discuss what they've done and what can be done here should a serious bloom happen again.

“People have tackled these problems a little bit differently, both in the scientific standpoint, and also in the management standpoint. And trying to understand what the best practices are and really what we know and what we don't know with these blooms is really important, and so experts from everywhere here is really valuable,” said Professor of Biology George Bullerjahn.

Five different areas of algal blooms are being discussed at the summit as away for those from this region to bounce ideas off of other experts who have dealt with these blooms before. Everything that's talked about over the next two days, Professor Bullerjahn says, will be used in the future.

“The plan going forward is to write a paper that will be submitted, that lists what we believe to be the research and policy recommendations for the future,” said Professor Bullerjahn.

He says that what happens in the spring influences what happens in the summer -- spring rain can bring nutrients that deliver blooms.

“We're very, very mindful that these blooms are going to be recurring for sometime, until the nutrient issues are brought under control,” said Bullerjahn.

Another major topic of discussion at the summit will be the risks, how to measure toxins, and what the risks of exposure to those toxins are.

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