Miracle Kids: Teen happy, healthy thanks to new kidney

Miracle Kids: Teen happy, healthy thanks to new kidney

"I named my kidney George the Third," 13-year-old Devin Dailey proudly told us.

He's a teenager who loves playing video games with his brother and friends, reading, and pretty much anything to do with technology.

"Since my other two kidneys were, I called them George the First and George the Second. So I called my third one George the Third," Devin said.

The journey to George the third started when Devin was 5.

"His issues started out with just a small rash and then the rash it turned into HSP," Devon's mom Patricia explained. "It's called Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. I'm not even sure if I said it right. And usually there's like one percent that develop worse than others. And he's like the one percent."

Patricia says Devin had the rash for 6 months. She says it was about a year before they really knew what was going on with him. They tried all sorts of treatments and medication but nothing seemed to work. In 2009 Patricia says Devin had a massive seizure.

"He was hooked up to like 10 blood pressure medications and he also had to have dialysis for 3 weeks," Patricia said. "That was the… scariest part of it all, because I didn't know if he was going to, if there was going to be an end to that. Because we were there for almost a month," said Patricia. "I never wanted to leave him. It was hard to even go home to take a shower, to do, to like even be comfortable at home. I just had to be right there."

Devin spent years in and out of Mercy St Vincent's Children's Hospital.

"He caught the H1N1 flu and then that's when it went way worse and we had to go to Cincinnati for that, to start dialysis and everything," Patricia explained.

Devin was on dialysis for just under a year and a half.

"It was painful for me sometimes," Devin said. "I got through it. So I was use to it after awhile."

"It got to the point we got use to sleeping in hospitals," Patricia said. "It was tough but then at times it wasn't that bad because of the people at the hospital -- they made us feel very comfortable."

"They made my experience a little more easier, because they made me happier," Devin said.

"Honestly when I heard he needed the transplant it was almost a little bit of a relief because I knew there was an end to being in and out of the hospital eventually," Patricia said.

Things have settled down for the Dailey family now. It's been three years and one day since Devin's transplant.

When we asked Devin how Geroge the Third was working: "He's working awesome. I like him a lot."

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