Nature Fresh greenhouse to bring 300+ jobs to Delta

Nature Fresh greenhouse to bring 300+ jobs to Delta

DELTA, OH (Toledo News Now) - A new business is bringing new life to Delta. Contractors broke ground Friday for a Nature Fresh Farms greenhouse, with construction to begin next week.

Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created in the coming years thanks to the project.

The greenhouse will grow tomatoes and other vegetables, which will be sold at major retailers, including Kroger and Meijer.

The Canada-based company says they chose to build across the street from the North Star steel plant in Delta for a very specific reason:

“Because of their process, they have a significant amount of waste heat and CO2 (carbon dioxide), and we're hoping to take that heat and the CO2 and utilize that in our greenhouses, rather than creating heat from natural gas,” said Nature Fresh CEO Peter Quiring.

Quiring says Nature Fresh expects to create more than 300 jobs with the 180-acre project.

“We're going to start with 15 acres. We have 12 15-acre expansions planned, in grand total, and it's about approximately two people per acre, so about 350-400 jobs in the end,” he said.

Other local businesses are hoping to benefit from the business and extra foot traffic, as well.

Workers at Delta Hardware and Industrial are eager to lend a helping hand and make a profit.

“It'll give us an opportunity to pursue new things, to hopefully make some more money if we can provide a service or goods through this new facility, and we're going to do our best to try to accommodate them,” said Rick Birsa, owner of Delta Hardware and Industrial.

Delta Mayor Dan Miller says the company will provide good-paying jobs and attract more people to the area. The village will also profit from how much water Nature Fresh will use to grow the vegetables.

“When they're fully built out there, [they're] expecting to use 500,000 gallons to three-quarters-of-a-million gallons of water a day, and that will be definitely a benefit for the residents of Delta,” the mayor said.

The greenhouse will be built over the next seven years.

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