Civil War museum promotes local history in Tiffin

Civil War museum promotes local history in Tiffin

TIFFIN, OH (Toledo News Now) - When General Robert E. Lee surrendered on April 9, 1865, it ended the bloodiest war on American soil. Now, 150 years later, Ohioans don't have to go far to learn all about the Civil War.

Visitors to the

in downtown Tiffin can learn all about Ohio's part in the war.

The museum opened in 2006 in Bowling Green, then moved to Tiffin 2011. It features a full array of historical displays, including a section devoted to local Civil War history.

Ohio ranked third in the Union for supplying troops to the Army; 313,000 came from Ohio. And with over 35,000 men killed from Ohio, the state had the second highest death rate.

One of the most veteran regiments locally, the Ohio 49th was comprised of men from northern and western Ohio. Led by William Harvey Gibson, the Ohio 49th fought in multiple battles.

The museum in Tiffin features many personal artifacts from local soldiers, and helps serve as a stark reminder of what happened when the nation was divided.

“You don't know where you're going unless you know where you've been, so it's very important to keep this alive and to teach it,” said Gary Dundore, executive director of the museum. “That's one of the reasons we're here, to educate and promote what happened during the Civil War, so we won't forget it.”

The museum is open from noon until 4 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. They are holding a special fundraiser on Saturday, April 11: $50 for admission to a Civil War music review, featuring Steve Ball and Lisa Williams.

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